Stephen Gregory.......biographical details
Stephen Gregory 2018

I was born in 1951 and grew up in Manchester and Stockport, England. My parents ran a gents outfitting business and I'm sure my Dad's amazing window dressing and ticket writing skills will have influenced any capability I have in design.

My higher education comprised of a degree in fine art at Newcastle University and then an MA in painting at Manchester Polytechnic. Later, I gained an art teacher's certificate from Goldsmith's College, London.

In the late 1970s I was fortunate to be appointed as an artist in residence in Milton Keynes. The subject matter of my work at that time derived from an interest in the forms, shapes and shadows of construction sites and heavy industry and the development of the new city provided me with many suitable images.

Several of my paintings from that time are in public collections in Milton Keynes, including those of the Borough Council, The Open University and the Milton Keynes Hospital, and images can be found on the Art UK website.

I went on to become involved in community arts for several years; an artist-facilitator for the concerns and aspirations of many different community groups with whom I worked in Northampton, followed by Cheshire and then Nottingham.

By the millennium, I had returned, with a young family, to north-east England. I managed the decommissioned lighthouse in Whitley Bay as an educational resource and visitor attraction and, later, worked on the support staff at a local high school.

By this time I had returned to making my own paintings in my spare hours, and, after many years of it being a fantasy, the prospect of my partner and myself being able to re-locate to north west Scotland was becoming a reality.

We moved to the Isle of Skye in 2016, whereupon I was able to resume painting full time. It took a little while to find the direction in which I wanted to go, but now I just want to get as much done as possible!