Kind Regards

My name is Stephen Gregory and I live on the Isle of Skye, in North West Scotland, where I make oil paintings and large pastel drawings.

My pictures, nowadays, depend on a mixing of imagination and looking at people, locations and life. I set out to reconnect to the heightened imagination of my teenage years and I try to visualise those narratives, plots and situations in a less inhibited manner.

It just seemed important to challenge myself to make images of humanity and to develop my own inherent style.

My inspiration can be in observing local neighbourhood incidents, or perhaps from a chance encounter on a train, the updating of enduring subjects from art history, or maybe in powerful stories that have avoided previous visualisation or from any combination of the above!

In the past my paintings have had different styles and subjects, and you can find examples of my earlier work on the Gallery Page and through the Links Page.

All prices are for unframed work unless otherwise stated.